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Benefits of Social Media for Seniors

Research data tends to show that social media is a young person’s game. In fact, 90% of adults 18-29 say they use a social media site at least once a day as opposed to 40% of adults 65+. However, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, those numbers are rapidly changing. Although, the majority of social media platform users tend to skew younger, studies predict the number of seniors will grow to an estimated 50 million by 2020, with no sign of stopping.

A number of factors contribute to the rapid rise of social media use in the elderly demographic:

More accessibility

With social media being easier to access than ever, a spike in social media use among older generations comes as no surprise. Think about all the ways different social media platforms can be accessed: desktop, mobile, tablet, even TV screens. Plus, technology in these devices is becoming more and more user friendly, especially for seniors.

Staying connected

One major reason seniors are jumping into social media is the connectivity it provides with family and friends. Seniors are able to share experiences with friends and family and vice versa from across the country. Even for seniors who live near their families, but are not able to visit or chat all the time, social media is an amazing tool to stay connected.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that social media use may have potential health benefits. Social media can be useful in reducing isolation, loneliness, and depressive symptoms. Research shows that social media platforms can be mentally stimulating as well as satisfying basic social needs in older adults, particularly If they are immobile.

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